Monday, March 26, 2012

spring showed up this week

This past week was Nicky's spring break (well Ricky's too, but he does have that pesky job). We spent the first few days cooped up because it was cold and windy outside, but as the week progressed the weather turned lovely. We had some fun outings, and a lot of downtime. Now it's back to the routine for a few months before summer....

We also took a quick trip to visit some good friends and celebrate their sweet son's first birthday. I always leave our time with them feeling refreshed and validated. And there's something so special about spending time with old friends: laughing and tearing up about old times and making plans for the future, watching our kids play together (aka keeping our baby from knocking their baby down repeatedly), talking around a fire late into the night. This is the stuff of life.

And look, we went to the zoo!  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon, and a much-needed getaway.

Now back to life, with new energy. Spring is here.

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