Saturday, November 26, 2011

scenes from Thanksgiving

Grandma and Nicky make pies the night before

brothers play drums underfoot

turkey beware

breakfast pie

prepping the bird

table set

late afternoon light

Menu: turkey, apple cranberry stuffing, steamed green beans, orange zested cranberry sauce, black olives, mixed mashed potatoes, gravy, and maple roasted butternut squash.

time to dig in.

I think next time we'll need a bigger table.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Cub

Yesterday Silas turned one year old.

The day before that, we had friends and family over for a lunch party to celebrate. It's so fun watching all of these babies grow. The theme was a forest friends/woodland picnic and I had so much fun putting it together. My favorite part was watching Silas devour two cupcakes. 

I actually had time/remembered to take pics of the party set-up right before our guests arrived- I must say I was proud of myself. First time I've ever remembered to do that.

mushroom cupcakes, frosting courtesy of Papa and Nicky while I was at work Friday. Idea from Pinterest here

drink station: hot apple cider, water, juice, and one of my new favorite things: retro thrift store mugs 

felt bunting (I'm on a felt/hot glue kick right now) 

treat bags (more Pinterest inspiration

baby toys 

felt trees

Woodland creature masks (idea here) in my grandmother's old picnic basket. It was the one thing I really wanted from her attic. I have great memories of using it to pretend play when I was little. It usually houses Silas' socks.

For lunch we just laid out a variety of bread, meat, cheese, spreads, veggies and fruit and let people build their own sandwiches. Turned out pretty good I think.

So we ate, kids played, presents were opened, and Silas had his first taste of cake.

I'm so grateful for this boy. He brings so much laughter to our family, and a whole different sense of connectedness. It's hard to imagine life without his little voice making declarations, his scrunchy smile, and the wonderful sight of two brothers playing together.

And so another year with this sweet boy begins.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gifts (123-138)

  • mornings with music
  • brothers, reunited after Nicky's quarantine, speaking their funny language to each other
  • warm feet
  • a tree that changes colors
  • Nicky's teacher. It takes a village, and I'm so glad she's part of ours. Nicky's coming home with lots of good habits.

  • the scrunchy smile

  • a baby who wants to share his snacks with everyone
  • birthday party planning-my favorite part
  • a better nap schedule, for now

  • sleeping parties
  • more light in the mornings, darker evenings (I will get tired of this, but right now I love it)
  • a phone call, application being processed, one step closer

  • thrift store mugs
  • hosting our first Thanksgiving this year (I guess that means we're grown up now?)

  • Nicky's list so far: Nicky feeding Silas (just go with it), bikes, cutting with scissors, and a picture of a playground

Monday, November 7, 2011

this time of day

He's back in his own bed tonight, after four nights of listening closely, through sleep to his breathing just to make sure. Normalcy is coming back; we will try to go to school tomorrow. He's been really sick this time. Yesterday we ventured out to a birthday party and he went to bed right after, exhausted. We made a thankful tree, and I wrote medicine on one of the leaves. Isn't it amazing- lungs function again, airways open. Thank God for it.

Baby was so restless today, a no nap morning, and I remembered the wisdom I read somewhere: put them in water. So, a long bath later I slipped my little fishes out of the water and the rest of the day was easy, content.

Now, the wind outside is icy, but they are tucked in with warm jammies and later I will tiptoe in to inhale the sweet smell of their hair and cover them up again, and tiptoe out and hold the door so it closes quietly.
This time of day only feels good if I did something right while we were in the thick of it, I realize.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Write: Marching

Nicky's ants are on the refrigerator door, counted one by one, two by two, ten by ten. He gets to be student of the day tomorrow, and that always includes a special homework project. Today was an on-call day, and it felt stolen; the best kind of day. A little bit of productivity, a lot of connection. We've had dinner, and the baby's sleeping, and there's a coffee cup in front of me. Ricky plays blues guitar, and Nicky sings along in his little voice I love my baby, heart and soul, coloring in his Dinosaur Train book. It's dark out at 7:30. Brown bear, brown bear book props up my laptop to keep it from overheating. The after-dinner glow is one of my favorite things about this time of year. It's different from summer, when you squeeze in as much day as possible, and outside beckons with it's breezes and clouds. Now, I just want inside, and a crochet needle, and the feeling of my family all around, cozy. The promise of a chilly morning and coaxing the boy out of bed with promises of hot chocolate, gloves on fingers for the drive to school, quick errands before morning nap-time, and the sometimes-giddy feeling of really? I get to do this again today? looms ahead.


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