Sunday, March 18, 2012

blustery Sunday

It is so, so windy outside. The air is full of dust; the mountains are totally hidden from sight. I'm really glad we didn't plant the garden like we had talked about... Anyway, some phone pics from the week:

I like our little routines with these guys. These days are sweet and simple, mostly--and never am I more reminded of that than after a hectic, taxing day at work. Yesterday after I finally finished charting it was 9 pm and I was making my rounds, replacing some forms on the patient's doors and checked in on a pleasantly confused older man who I was a little worried might try to get out of bed on his own. He called, "Come in and talk a while!", and so I did..."Whatcha doing?", I asked. "Oh, just thinking." He paused. "What else can you do at bedtime?"

I'm often taken by how much babies and the elderly look alike and I just saw my sweet Silas' face in his face (this happened all the time when I returned to work after having Silas--somehow I managed to not break down weeping every five minutes but I sure wanted to). I explained that I was going to go home and sleep and who would be taking care of him that night, in case he had forgotten, and tucked his blankets around his chin, and we said goodnight. I had a good cry as I drove home, letting the day go. In my profession I often feel like I'm letting someone down, tending to the most pressing need. I don't think I've ever left work feeling totally satisfied with my day. I'm not sure that ever happens, because I see the experienced nurses running around just like I am, and staying late to chart, and dropping one of the fourteen balls they're juggling. Maybe it's just the nature of the beast. I love it except for when I hate it...

So we're off for Spring Break this upcoming week and planning a quick getaway to Albuquerque this weekend. I'm excited to maybe catch up on a bit of sleep, and hang out with both boys during the day. And maybe plant that garden if the weather starts cooperating.

Happy Sunday!

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