Tuesday, April 26, 2011

right now Silas is....

  • teething, always chomping, always in search of something to rub his gums with
  • laughing at his big brother
  • taking an interest in toys

  • nursing mostly, eating rice cereal, but not with great interest
  • smiling at everyone, then hiding behind his hands (Nicky says he's happy-shy)
  • taking two naps a day, on a fairly regular schedule
  • not staying asleep in the carseat anymore

  • blowing raspberries, especially when he has cereal in his mouth
  • weighing in at 15 lbs, 4 oz (his big brother is 38 lbs)

  • rolling from tummy to back
  • loving to snuggle in the Moby, and face out in the Snugli
  • bonding with his Papa more 
  • wanting to be upright, gets upset if he's put in a reclining chair for very long.

  • still astonished and wide-eyed
  • playing with his feet

  • chubby, cuddly and delicious

Easter weekend

Even though I worked Easter Sunday, we had a pretty nice weekend. We attended a Good Friday service, and Nicky actually wanted to come in with me instead of going to the nursery. I enjoyed having him with me, and I think he got something out of it. They had a Seder table set up, and he wanted to taste the radishes (set out rather than the horseradish, to make it more kid-friendly I think), and dipped his unleavened bread in the salt water, but wouldn't touch the parsley. It was nice to have a part of the service really geared for kids.  I like that he's taking an interest in spiritual things lately. 

He had fun dyeing eggs, and mixing colors after.

My Mom sent Nicky a set of Resurrection Eggs, which turned out to be a great teaching tool. 

Each egg contains an object that represents part of the Easter story- a donkey, silver coins, cup, crown of thorns, linen burial cloth, a stone....he loved it. Amazing how visuals make all the difference with kids. Thanks Mom!

After he was familiar with the story we took turns picking an object and describing it's significance. He remembered each one.

"The most important egg", we told him-the empty one, representing the empty tomb.

Unfortunately our Saturday also included a trip to Urgent Care to check out an earache. Sure enough, Nicky had an full blown infection in one ear and one brewing in the other, thanks to allergy-related drainage. We dropped off our prescriptions, and since Nicky was feeling good, we headed off to the park. Our town put on a SpringFest, and for being a free event, it was pretty fun. They had a kids' carnival set up, and Cutie Bug enjoyed that thoroughly.

On Sunday morning I had to tiptoe out early, but I left Nicky's Easter basket on the table. The boys had a nice leisurely morning, then went to church. I was a little sad to miss out on the day itself, but in a way it felt good and right to serve the sick on Easter Sunday. It doesn't always feel that way once I'm at work, but I had it in my heart that I would serve with my Savior in mind, and his suffering, and his victory over death. Real life is not at all glamorous, and sick people are usually pretty grumpy, and my job involves a lot of paperwork and loose ends to tie up that can be frustrating. By the end of the day I wasn't feeling too spiritual, needless to say. But it was for Him anyway. That's how it should always be; I need to remember. He can make beautiful things out of our messes and attempts.
I was happy to come home to my loves. So grateful for them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 months

Nicky gets so excited about picnics. It's a surefire way to give him a happy day. He loves packing his little Thomas the Tank Engine lunch-box, so much that he eats his lunch out of it at home sometimes. I think he's going to love taking a lunch to school.

Today Silas is five months old. He's such a sweet baby, and I'm so glad we have him. Last week he was so sick, just miserable. We were cooped up most of the time, and he was so fussy...it was just a rough week. I'm so happy he's feeling better and back to his normal self.  He really loves to be outside. We had a nice time, sitting under a big tree, watching Nicky play.

Lots of twisting, reaching and rolling these days.

I like to savor the days with these boys, especially with August in mind, when Nicky starts kindergarten. The slow pace of my life right now is a blessing, but it's the sort of blessing I have to be intentional about appreciating. Some days I feel less than stimulated, but there are such sweet moments that pop up. Someday Nicky won't call me Mommy, won't ask me to race cars with him, won't care to show me what he can do. Silas won't always have his milky smell, his creamy skin, his funny little squawks. His face won't always have the look of wide-eyed wonder. Nicky won't always laugh out loud, delighted, when I ask him if he wants a snow cone. So, I like slow. Slow is good.

I like watching these two together.

Monday, April 18, 2011


  • shelter from the crazy wind
  • daydreams about upcoming summer adventures
  • Ricky's help
  • new patience/appreciation for the dog (funny, but I needed it)
  • expectant parents, anticipating a new little one
  • spontaneous dance parties with Nicky
  • medicine, no more wheezing baby
  • the end of a long week of sickness
  • running errands after being stuck inside so much because of sickness, relief for cabin fever...
  • impromptu picnics
  • little boys in stripes
  • good examples all around me (seriously)
  • productive days
  • sticker charts (they work wonders for Nicky)
  • new motivations
  • contrast-looking forward to what will hopefully be a more lively week
  • seeing friends happy, feeling their joy
  • honesty, and the courage to pursue it more

Monday, April 11, 2011

arroz con leche

It just seemed like the right time. 

Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday afternoon Ricky remarked that this had been the most restful weekend he's had in awhile. I would have to agree, and it's funny because we did so much. We both had the whole weekend off, which is rare since I usually work Friday or Saturday.

Friday was a major outdoor workday. We leveled the dirt area where we plan to lay sod, planted a tree, and dug out most of the old garden so we could level that properly and refill it. We has watered the ground so it was pretty soft-pretty important in this area since we have caliche right below the surface and it can be rock-hard. Silas spent a lot of time outside in his chair, just kicking his legs and looking around. He really seems to enjoy the fresh air.

 Saturday was my birthday. I had requested the day off, thinking how great it would be to have a Saturday with my family, no obligations or appointments-just a Saturday. That's really what I wanted for my birthday. And I got it! The day began with Starbucks in bed (Ricky knows me so well...), and gave me some lovely presents (from my list no less), then we got ready and went to the farmer's market.

We ate really good burgers (from the HotDogBurgerChicken guy), and bought organic plants for the garden-cherry and heirloom tomatoes, butternut squash, and yellow squash. Nicky bought a wooden car with his saved-up dollars.

squinty face

After a fun leisurely morning, we headed home to let the kiddos rest. I told Ricky I didn't mind continuing our outdoor projects on my birthday, so we kept working on the garden bed. He built a new frame for it, with much more sturdy wood than we used last year. It looks SO much better, and level! Yay. We finished up the day with Dion's pizza and brownies (my favorite).

Sunday morning we had Silas' dedication at church. It was so special, and there are so many babies right now! Many of our dear friends have had/adopted babies recently or are about to. We prayed for our little ones, and spoke things that are important to say out loud-You are special, and loved, and chosen. Your life matters. God knew you before you were born, before the foundation of the Earth, and has beautiful plans for you. I love our church community, and I love that our boys are growing up in such a loving, life-affirming place.

We had brunch afterwards and Nicky got to spend the afternoon at a little amusement park with his grandparents. He came back tired, smiling, and a little wet on a boat ride. Ricky finished up the garden while I stayed inside with Silas- it was super windy and even a little chilly outside.

It felt good to collapse into bed at the end of the day, with that great feeling of accomplishment. Funny how work can be more restful than a weekend filled with tv and naps. Those are okay sometimes too. This time, though, accomplishment really hit the spot.

Thankful for (64-70):

  • twenty eight years on this planet
  • what I told Ricky on my birthday- I can't think of something I'd rather do than just have a day with my family. Thankful that we don't just love each other, we like each other!
  • love for these boys that just keeps growing
  • possibility
  • community that rejoices with us (and would weep with us too)
  • sunscreen, floppy hats, sandals
  • big brown eyes
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