Tuesday, March 27, 2012

in it

I've checked on them, finger-combed up sweaty nape of neck hair, tiptoed out. The little one wakes up at the drop of a hat lately. I planted pale yellow petunias today, and we ate turkey burgers with green chile outside, even though it was chilly by then, in the shade. I watched the new Mad Men episodes, and was disappointed with all the drama. I know, wrong show. Maybe this stuff is too depressing, maybe it makes people think their lives should be more complicated instead of less. Complicated gets too much glory. Sometimes you look outward for inspiration, sometimes all you need is to look around your own little space. At any rate, it's not going to kill my little springtime buzz.

I'm tapping away at the keyboard in bed now, his chest is rising and falling next to me and all is quiet but the tap, tap, tap and the breathing. The bare spots in the grass are filling in. There is color when I look outside. My baby looks for me all day long; we dig our hands in the dirt and he buries his face in Penny's coat and the breeze blows stray hairs out of my face. I don't want to get lost in anything, or pass the time. I'm in it, alive.

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