Friday, October 14, 2011

at-home day

I realized yesterday that I am exhausted. Work has been ridiculous lately. Days are long. Housework is relentless. There is always something  to be done, right?

I feel it in my body-stomach pain yesterday, sore throat today, harder time getting out of bed each day. Time for some rest. I'm so glad Nicky didn't have school today, and we haven't gone anywhere. I started crocheting a blanket this morning, and we're all still in our jammies. I actually finished a cup of coffee. I made a pumpkin pie with ricotta instead of evaporated milk, since we didn't have any in the pantry. Nicky and I are about to have a pajama pizza party while Silas takes his nap.

I may venture out in a bit to mail a package to my Mom, who fell and hurt her hip recently. And I swept and mopped, but only because poor Silas could not crawl without being dirt-ified and hair-ified. And because that means I will relax more this afternoon.

But, no laundry. That is where I draw the line.

Happy weekending! I hope you get to do something rest-full.

Silas, January 2011

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