Tuesday, October 11, 2011

camping by the forks

This weekend we took off to the woods to camp with the littles. Our friends weren't able to come, and after a rough (maybe the roughest) day at work on Friday I was hardly in the mood myself, but Ricky did most of the preparations and I mustered up some mom-energy (wish I could bottle that stuff).

As we drove, we saw hints of autumn and most definitely felt it in the air.

We found a nice spot in the Gila Forks area. It was shady and secluded and smelled amazing.

Activities included: a fishing excursion (short-lived due to a fussy baby)

scavenging wood after the General Store where we planned to buy firewood was closed, and hacking away at this giant log we found to keep the fire going (thanks Ricky)

chili dogs and marshmallows for dinner

not very much sleep (Silas is a creature of habit and really loves his bed)

oatmeal, hot chocolate, and snuggling to warm us up on a very cold morning

perfecting pointing skills

rock climbing practice

leaf pile jumping

and finally, a quick hike up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

Then, back home to unpack and get ready for another week. I'm glad we squeezed in this little trip. Camping is a lot of work for the people in charge, but I love it. I want my boys to have lots of these kinds of memories, and I really do love getting away from all the distractions and just being together.

Nicky took this picture of us. Six years! I love life with this guy.

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