Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 months

Nicky gets so excited about picnics. It's a surefire way to give him a happy day. He loves packing his little Thomas the Tank Engine lunch-box, so much that he eats his lunch out of it at home sometimes. I think he's going to love taking a lunch to school.

Today Silas is five months old. He's such a sweet baby, and I'm so glad we have him. Last week he was so sick, just miserable. We were cooped up most of the time, and he was so was just a rough week. I'm so happy he's feeling better and back to his normal self.  He really loves to be outside. We had a nice time, sitting under a big tree, watching Nicky play.

Lots of twisting, reaching and rolling these days.

I like to savor the days with these boys, especially with August in mind, when Nicky starts kindergarten. The slow pace of my life right now is a blessing, but it's the sort of blessing I have to be intentional about appreciating. Some days I feel less than stimulated, but there are such sweet moments that pop up. Someday Nicky won't call me Mommy, won't ask me to race cars with him, won't care to show me what he can do. Silas won't always have his milky smell, his creamy skin, his funny little squawks. His face won't always have the look of wide-eyed wonder. Nicky won't always laugh out loud, delighted, when I ask him if he wants a snow cone. So, I like slow. Slow is good.

I like watching these two together.

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