Monday, April 18, 2011


  • shelter from the crazy wind
  • daydreams about upcoming summer adventures
  • Ricky's help
  • new patience/appreciation for the dog (funny, but I needed it)
  • expectant parents, anticipating a new little one
  • spontaneous dance parties with Nicky
  • medicine, no more wheezing baby
  • the end of a long week of sickness
  • running errands after being stuck inside so much because of sickness, relief for cabin fever...
  • impromptu picnics
  • little boys in stripes
  • good examples all around me (seriously)
  • productive days
  • sticker charts (they work wonders for Nicky)
  • new motivations
  • contrast-looking forward to what will hopefully be a more lively week
  • seeing friends happy, feeling their joy
  • honesty, and the courage to pursue it more

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