Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

Even though I worked Easter Sunday, we had a pretty nice weekend. We attended a Good Friday service, and Nicky actually wanted to come in with me instead of going to the nursery. I enjoyed having him with me, and I think he got something out of it. They had a Seder table set up, and he wanted to taste the radishes (set out rather than the horseradish, to make it more kid-friendly I think), and dipped his unleavened bread in the salt water, but wouldn't touch the parsley. It was nice to have a part of the service really geared for kids.  I like that he's taking an interest in spiritual things lately. 

He had fun dyeing eggs, and mixing colors after.

My Mom sent Nicky a set of Resurrection Eggs, which turned out to be a great teaching tool. 

Each egg contains an object that represents part of the Easter story- a donkey, silver coins, cup, crown of thorns, linen burial cloth, a stone....he loved it. Amazing how visuals make all the difference with kids. Thanks Mom!

After he was familiar with the story we took turns picking an object and describing it's significance. He remembered each one.

"The most important egg", we told him-the empty one, representing the empty tomb.

Unfortunately our Saturday also included a trip to Urgent Care to check out an earache. Sure enough, Nicky had an full blown infection in one ear and one brewing in the other, thanks to allergy-related drainage. We dropped off our prescriptions, and since Nicky was feeling good, we headed off to the park. Our town put on a SpringFest, and for being a free event, it was pretty fun. They had a kids' carnival set up, and Cutie Bug enjoyed that thoroughly.

On Sunday morning I had to tiptoe out early, but I left Nicky's Easter basket on the table. The boys had a nice leisurely morning, then went to church. I was a little sad to miss out on the day itself, but in a way it felt good and right to serve the sick on Easter Sunday. It doesn't always feel that way once I'm at work, but I had it in my heart that I would serve with my Savior in mind, and his suffering, and his victory over death. Real life is not at all glamorous, and sick people are usually pretty grumpy, and my job involves a lot of paperwork and loose ends to tie up that can be frustrating. By the end of the day I wasn't feeling too spiritual, needless to say. But it was for Him anyway. That's how it should always be; I need to remember. He can make beautiful things out of our messes and attempts.
I was happy to come home to my loves. So grateful for them.

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