Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Away

Our summer adventure in Maryland has almost ended. In just a few short weeks we will trek back to the land of cactus, green chile, and heat! Life here has been.....well let's see, different. I think that's the best word. Different from my expectations. Some things have been wonderful, like the canopies of green trees everywhere, living close to so many amazing sights, and just the excitement of being somewhere new. We've also missed our family and friends terribly, felt lonely, and been frustrated by different attitudes and the high cost of living. Overall, though, this has been a good experience. It has sharpened my ideas of what I want, what is important. What a gift that is. I've realized how much I love our little desert corner of the country, and how precious our relationships there are to me. I feel so much clarity, and I'm grateful for it.
So, just a few more weekend trips to DC. Trying to decide what I really want to see--things high on the list that we haven't done yet include Union Station, the Holocaust Museum, Georgetown, National Cathedral, Ford's Theater, the rest of the zoo, maybe the Lincoln memorial just one more time......decisions, decisions! Since I'm starting to wax nostalgic for this place (funny how that happends) I think I'll devote a post to each of our outings this summer.....more to come.

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