Wednesday, July 29, 2009

down to the shore

One Saturday in June, we went "over the bridge and down the shore", as they say in these parts, to Ocean City, Maryland. I love days that involve:

a) the three of us together, for the whole day
b) the combination of coffee, a nice drive, and conversation with Ricky
c) a new adventure

and this was definitely that day! We took the Bay Bridge (six miles long!) across the Chesapeake, and continued on through gorgeous scenery. When we arrived at our destination, we first located our hotel, which was surprisingly charming, even though we had picked it because it was one of the few that didn't cost threehundreddollars a night. Whew. Then, we munched on our packed lunch of BLT's and hit the boardwalk.

the Cutie Bug thoroughly enjoyed this:
and we bought some yummy treats:
and ate some while we waited out the rain.

Then it was back to the hotel to check in, and just in time, the rain stopped. Perfect timing to walk to the beach.
We rounded out the day with a seafood dinner and another stroll on the boardwalk.

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