Monday, February 13, 2012

this week (a little late)

So this week....

  • Nicky had 101 Dalmation Day at school, and cuteness ensued
  • then he fell asleep for two hours after school
  • Silas got sick, and stayed sick
  • then Nicky got sick, and slept a lot more
  • then I got sick, at this point all of us seemed to have the same virus
  • then Ricky got sick with food poisoning. I guess he felt a little left out.
  • I took a nap. In the daytime.
  • we watched a lot of the show Parenthood. It's really good.
  • we finished all but the last foster/adopt session
  • Nicky signed his Valentines. No crafty Pinterest-worthy valentines for us this year, but I think he's happier with the transformers ones anyway. I'm kind of sad we didn't do this one though.
I'm so ready for a productive day or two. And well-rested.
Happy Valentine's Day :)

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