Friday, February 10, 2012

a few sick-day thoughts

  • This week I've experienced that wonderful phenomenon that happens when a non-cuddly baby gets sick. Silas has been snuggling up with me almost constantly, which is of course wonderful and also sad. He is usually way too busy for this kind of stuff. No fever- just cough, runny nose, one day of throwing up, eating very little but still drinking lots of fluids and going to the bathroom this morning I noticed him pulling on his ear and it's a relief to have something to potentially treat. Yesterday, whatever he has slayed me as well. I woke up with some serious body aches, dizziness, fatigue, queasiness and a sore throat. This is a weird bug, whatever it is. I had to keep Nicky home from school because there was no way I could drive. I think he needed the rest anyway; he's taken a two hour nap after school twice this week. Silas and I spent the whole morning sleeping. I taught Nicky how to play chinese checkers in the afternoon, when I could handle being vertical. So yeah, thank God Ricky feels well. He took Nicky to school today and is trying to get Silas in to see his doc. I feel better but still bad enough to call in today. I've got tea to drink and blogs to read; so grateful for some rest time.
  • We have two classes to go for our foster/adoption training. All day tomorrow, and Tuesday night (our hot Valentine's date). Actually it is a pretty romantic thing, starting a new adventure together. We've been learning a lot; most of it is difficult to take but important to know. I would absolutely be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I am. These classes are making me realize I have some issues to work through in order to be a good foster parent (like the judgment I will most likely feel toward birth parents who have done harm to their kids, and the likelihood that I will want to keep all of them but have to send them back home).  I really, really want to adopt quickly, but Ricky and I have also talked about how cool it would be to be instrumental in re-uniting families, and forging lasting relationships with parents who just need some resources. This is going to be a process, and I'm still very much excited for it, but I'm understanding some harsh realities a little better. Resisting the urge to cover my ears and just pretend everything will be fine and easy.

  • Ricky took this yesterday-Nicky and his "dog sister", as he calls her. They are so funny. The other day they were playing outside and I heard Nicky declare, "Penny, I'm going to tell on you." Which he did, and she just stood there looking up at me with those pathetic Basset Hound eyes. She is really good at pretending to be oblivious. Nicky told me he always loves Penny, even when she's in trouble. I told him I love her too, I just get mad when she chews up yet another toy/roots through the trash/insert bad doggie behavior here. I do appreciate her constant willingness to be a pillow though. She really is the perfect dog for kiddos.
  • Silas dunked a wireless mouse into a big glass of orange juice this morning. I took it apart and dried it, and what do you know, it still works.
  • Wednesday night our church had a Compassion banquet and laid out a plan for helping people in extreme poverty. I'm so impressed and proud of the work that's being done, and excited to be a part of it. There's a link on the sidebar above to the 58: Initiative, part of the inspiration behind all this.
  • Thursday is usually my day to wash and fold laundry all day long, because I would rather do that than do a load every day. So I'm thinking I may find a movie and get cracking on that. I hope your (and our) weekend contains some loveliness, some chocolate, and not this yucky bug.

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