Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Write: Marching

Nicky's ants are on the refrigerator door, counted one by one, two by two, ten by ten. He gets to be student of the day tomorrow, and that always includes a special homework project. Today was an on-call day, and it felt stolen; the best kind of day. A little bit of productivity, a lot of connection. We've had dinner, and the baby's sleeping, and there's a coffee cup in front of me. Ricky plays blues guitar, and Nicky sings along in his little voice I love my baby, heart and soul, coloring in his Dinosaur Train book. It's dark out at 7:30. Brown bear, brown bear book props up my laptop to keep it from overheating. The after-dinner glow is one of my favorite things about this time of year. It's different from summer, when you squeeze in as much day as possible, and outside beckons with it's breezes and clouds. Now, I just want inside, and a crochet needle, and the feeling of my family all around, cozy. The promise of a chilly morning and coaxing the boy out of bed with promises of hot chocolate, gloves on fingers for the drive to school, quick errands before morning nap-time, and the sometimes-giddy feeling of really? I get to do this again today? looms ahead.

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Heather EO said...

Oh how I love reading the details. so much beauty. thank you.

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