Monday, November 7, 2011

this time of day

He's back in his own bed tonight, after four nights of listening closely, through sleep to his breathing just to make sure. Normalcy is coming back; we will try to go to school tomorrow. He's been really sick this time. Yesterday we ventured out to a birthday party and he went to bed right after, exhausted. We made a thankful tree, and I wrote medicine on one of the leaves. Isn't it amazing- lungs function again, airways open. Thank God for it.

Baby was so restless today, a no nap morning, and I remembered the wisdom I read somewhere: put them in water. So, a long bath later I slipped my little fishes out of the water and the rest of the day was easy, content.

Now, the wind outside is icy, but they are tucked in with warm jammies and later I will tiptoe in to inhale the sweet smell of their hair and cover them up again, and tiptoe out and hold the door so it closes quietly.
This time of day only feels good if I did something right while we were in the thick of it, I realize.

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