Monday, July 18, 2011

kindergarten ahead

So this morning we finally got word that Nicky's been accepted to the kindergarten class we were hoping for. He won't be quite five when school starts, so there was some deliberation involved. This all feels a little last-minute, since school starts August 11th. Wow. So I'm trying to think of what's really important to do before that big day comes. I think a special shopping trip is in order-school clothes, backpack, lunch box, and school supplies (ah, one of the best smells....) and a celebration dinner of some sort. I want him to feel special, and to be as excited as possible!
It's hard to believe we will have a kid in school. He's been to preschool before, but this just feels like a whole new world. I am happy and relieved that he gets to start this year though, because he's so, so ready. Also, it just so happens he'll be in the same class as two friends from church.
And so it begins.

photos by Marisela Lange, October 2010

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