Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 In Review!

OK, so I know you're supposed to do this sort of thing at the end of the year, not the beginning of the next. But....since I neglected this blog so much this past year, and since it was such an eventful year, I really do need to highlight some things.

So, without further ado, this was 2010:

January was a pretty quiet month. I studied copiously for my NCLEX, the exam for RN licensure, having just graduated from nursing school. I about drove myself crazy with my study books. I interviewed for a job and was offered the position, provided that I pass my boards. My first "real" job interview! I was so nervous, but my interviewer (now my boss) is a very nice guy who set me at ease, as much as possible anyway. Nicky went to preschool pretty regularly. Our new house was being built, and we were makin' plans to move in.

In February I took and passed the NCLEX. We closed on our first home. We moved in with the help of very kind friends. I prepared to start my first job. And...after months of dreaming about a new baby, we finally conceived. We didn't know it yet, of course.

I began my job orientation in March, training on the telemetry floor, working nights. Sadly, Ricky's aunt passed away this month. She had been battling cancer for years, and it was bittersweet as these things are. She was a very special person; warm, funny and welcoming. We drove out to central Texas for the funeral. Near the end of the month, a home pregnancy test gave us some happy news. We planted our first garden in the backyard. Ricky had researched soil, raised beds vs. sunken beds, and he did the majority of the work in preparing the ground.

In April, I turned 27. I spent nearly the entire day in bed, right in the thick of morning sickness. Working nights proved to be helpful with this, and I'm happy to report that the first trimester passed much more easily this time around.

May brought the summer desert heat, Mother's Day and the end of morning sickness.

In June we enjoyed our garden as it grew quickly, did lots of projects around the house and found out we were having another boy! Nicky started referring to himself as a big brother. I finished my orientation and started working as an RN solo (well sort of, all the while asking many questions, which I intend to do for a long time).

In July we had a 4th of July party at our house, reaped a (sometimes overly) bountiful harvest from the garden, yay!

Ricky and I took off on a little adults only vacay! It seemed a good idea before becoming parents of two.

Nicky went off on his own adventure to Grandma's house.

I missed him so much, but it was nice to have some time alone with my honey. We drove to LA and spent a night with Ricky's cousins, then meandered up the Pacific Coast Highway, up to San Francisco, where we did all the usual touristy things and caught a performance of Wicked. We headed back through Sequoia National Park, Flagstaff AZ and finally to Albuquerque where we  stayed with some friends and saw Over the Rhine live.

In August we got back to work and settled into a regular routine again.

September brought Ricky and Nicky birthdays, about a week apart. Ricky caught up to me and turned 27. Nicky was so excited, and would wake up every morning exclaiming "I'm four"! He received his first bike and his first fishing pole in the same day.

In October Ricky and I celebrated our five year anniversary by going to another wedding. Really! We kept hoping to plan a little something before the baby came, but it was just a jam-packed month. That's okay though, we're pretty simple when it comes to these things anyway. Every happy day is a celebration, I say. I really do love October. Some more highlights: the pumpkin patch and the annual Harvest Party put on by our church. This year we didn't help with it since I was so hugely pregnant, so we just went and enjoyed taking Nicky around to all the booths. There is so much love put into this event. It's inspiring to me. I worked my very last day on October 31st, then breathed a huge sigh of relief to have 11 weeks off for maternity leave. Those last few weeks were a little rough (you know you look tired when a patient says "You look like you belong in this bed, not me!" Ahem.)

Our friends threw us a baby shower, complete with a pumpkin cake, make your own sushi station and onesie decorating. We also did a photo shoot with a very talented friend, who captured beautiful shots we'll always treasure.

In November I nested away; washing everything, setting up the nursery, and getting lots of rest. I started pre-schooling Nicky at home. And of course, Silas made his debut on the 20th, just one day before his due date. My mom stayed for three days after he was born. Our first outing was to Ita's house an hour away for Thanksgiving Day. Ricky and I just stayed for the day, but Nicky stayed for two nights and had a blast going to the zoo and playing with a cousin. We had a few more days to rest and snuggle with Silas, and then Ricky's family came over a few days later with lots of food for a second gathering. The following week we had meals delivered each night by different friends from our church.  Ricky was home for a solid two weeks, some days working from home and taking some days off.

In December we took a spontaneous trip, saw some good friends and picked up our new basset hound puppy, Penelope.
The month passed quickly, Silas grew, and we settled into being a family of four (five!). We spent Christmas with my Mom and brother this year. Nicky truly anticipated the holiday for the first time this year and it was fun experiencing that with him.

And now....a new year awaits! On to 2011.

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