Saturday, February 25, 2012

embrace the camera: thursday morning

Sleepy eyes and silly faces (I need to go to bed earlier)....

We eat oatmeal and tame our manes and take Nicky to school.

We hang around town for a few hours until it's time to help with centers in Nicky's class, and find a birthday present for my niece. Silas scarfs down a cinnamon pretzel.

 Silas is the cutest little distraction ever while the kids practice rolling dice and putting the numbers in order. They all stop what they are doing to pick up things he drops on the floor. He sits in the student-of-the-day chair proudly. Nicky's teacher says, "oh, he always does so good!" which is good because I was wondering if we did more distracting than helping. I will miss those kiddos next year. Nicky laughs at the joke in his lunch (what is a pirate's favorite subject? Arrrrrt). We head home and Silas takes a long nap. And that is Thursday morning.

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