Sunday, August 21, 2011

projects here and there

With Nicky in full-day kindergarten now I'm finding myself with more free moments while Silas naps. Also, the changing of the seasons always seems to give me fresh energy (or at least the idea in my mind that the seasons are changing). I had some serious fun with projects last week. It just feels so good to change little things sometimes. I really wish I came up with these ideas myself, but all credit goes to Pinterest. Have you tried it? It's like crack for crafty people. But look, it led to productivity!

The pantry before:

and after! Still messy, but I'll get to that. I think this is going to be quite useful.

Yay chalkboard paint! I'm resisting the urge to basically paint all my wall space with it.

Project # 2: frames for Nicky's art/treasures/masterpieces:

This was mostly from stuff I had lying around, but I did buy one cheap picture frame to hold bigger things. I just need to find some little clothespins or something like that to hold Nicky's handiwork.

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