Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Earlier this week, after I explained the concept of trick-or-treating to Silas and he shouted that's a GREAT idea!!! It really didn't take much explanation, come to think of it. Put on your costume, walk around, get candy. Got it.

We've never done trick or treating with the kids before, because our church always did a big, fun Harvest Party. That was fun, and I did miss it. But this was fun too, and simple. Simple can be really nice. What's more, we met some neighbors. Halloween is the perfect holiday for neighborhood newcomers.

My favorite stop was a house that boasted a carved watermelon and spaghetti squash, as well as a tray of grown up candy. Truffles for the win.

We carved pumpkins the night before. Aimee didn't participate because it was just too late for her. Sister was done.

Ricky cleaned and roasted the seeds. Yum.

The kids all went as ninjas.(Is the plural ninja? ninjas? I don't know.) Sometimes, when you're a ninja, you wear a sparkly tutu.  

Aimee discovered candy. The crinkly wrappers! The sugar! She was so happy and chocolate-y. Well, they all were.

I'm letting them enjoy their candy today, and tomorrow it will mysteriously disappear. That's the plan.

Happy Halloween!

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