Wednesday, September 25, 2013

we settle in

So, we moved. Very far from New Mexico. It occurs to me that Ricky and I are very good at jumping off of cliffs. Foster care felt like a cliff, like a hold-hands-and-jump endeavor. This move feels a bit like that too. But, it's pretty important to note that prior to our cliff-jumping shenanigans, we talk about whether or not we should jump for a long while. Years, typically. I don't know if that still counts as spontaneous, but it certainly feels that way. The whole should we move conversation's been happening since Nicky was a baby, but never really took form until the summer. I believe in keeping inventory of dreams, lining them up on shelves, dusting them off occasionally, putting them back, and when the time is right taking them down. The tricky part is knowing when the time is right. This dream just felt more and more right.

So here we are. It's September and already chilly; we bookend the days with jackets. There are crunchy leaves and hidden parks and forest trails. There's the thrill of something new and the ache of not having our people around to share it with.

Routine helps. There's a sweet neighbor who calls me baby (as in, hey there baby, you gettin' yourself together? and before I can really answer she assures me that's all right, it takes time) and we've tried a few churches. Sometimes all the newness is exciting, and sometimes I just want to hurry up and find our places here. 

Here are some pictures of our first weeks.

a little garden at Nicky's school

Silas loves "pitter-pillars" and unfortunately has discovered that stepping on them makes goo come out.

We have "lots of nature", Nicky says.

first day of second grade

taking Nicky to the bus stop

we spent a lot of time in our sweet little backyard

and this one loves to push all the things

My mom came to visit, and to stay with the boys while we finalized the adoption.

We all went to Washington DC a few times. I love that it's so close.

It wasn't until she left that the move started to feel real. We've had so much excitement in just the span of a month. Househunting, goodbyes, packing, the actual move, exploring a new town, unpacking, finalizing the adoption, my Mom's visit, new job for Ricky, new school for  I've certainly needed some space and quiet to process it all.

Now, we settle in.

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