Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a sweet day

Introducing our daughter, Aimee Lucia. Arrived to our our home June 21, 2012, just six weeks old. Adopted on September 3, 2013, nearly sixteen months old. Daughter of our hearts all the way in between, and beyond.

Something you should know about Aimee is that she delights in removing frippery from her hair. And she has a mother who keeps trying with the frippery, because she can't help herself.

We gathered in a courtroom, and said our vows of sorts. We said out loud the promises we made long ago. When the judge said "hereby adopted" I held myself together, just barely. Then we were ordered to hug and kiss, and happy to oblige.

Sister got to be judge for a day. The gavel was a bit heavy, but I think she felt powerful nonetheless.

I can't imagine a more lighthearted, happy court event. Having my uncle serve as our attorney made it extra special.

Dear friends, social workers, and people who have just about carried us through parts of this journey gathered to witness. The room was full of pure joy. I'll never forget what that felt like. 

Aimee's personality is really shining through lately. She seeks out other "littles", and plays sneaky games, squeals and shrieks and throws her hands up, and bounces around to music. She and Silas are likely up to something if they're together. It's happy chaos.


And now we know she likes frozen yogurt.


All of this and more will be scribbled down into her baby book-the one I bought months ago but haven't yet cracked open. So much to say, so much to remember. I didn't really expect to feel different, but I do. I didn't realize I would sigh so deeply with relief and gladness.

*photos by Heath Haussamen

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