Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Reading

So, I haven't posted any Sunday Reading links lately because I've been doing my darndest to stay off of social media on Sundays (one of my resolutions for 2013).  I do love to share posts that have meant something to me, or made me laugh, or made me cry (or even made me mad) or made me see something how about Weekend Reading instead ;-) Here we go!

I read Come Weary, and then I breathed a huge sigh of relief and cried a few grateful tears. And then I took my weary self to a patch of sunlight and prayed. There's nothing like raw honesty to draw me close to Jesus, to remind me what this is all about.

Daddy Loves You, a post for the One Good Phrase series was a simple but powerful reminder for me. I found myself whispering Mommy loves you to my littles more after reading it, and how those words calm everything down a bit.

I've been pondering the phrase love your neighbor as yourself quite a bit lately, and really liked Kathy Escobar's take on it. We do so often fall into the trap of exceptionalism.

Jamie the VWM makes me laugh, and she does it while making a really good point about the kingdom of God and getting low. And, while we're talking about her, she wrote a brave and blunt post a while back about some weird ideas concerning depression that you run into sometimes in church culture. Also, missionaries who cuss just make me happy.

There's very little that Rachel Held Evans writes that doesn't make me want to shout Amen and wave a white hanky. Her post (and the one she references) on gender roles is no exception. I love the freedom she describes; the mutual servanthood. It took Ricky and I some time and tears to shed pre-conceived expectations and just be ourselves, and our marriage has been so much better for it. Trying to be someone you're not is so depressing, so frustrating. (I may need to write about this at some point. I'd love to spend some time reflecting on what we've learned so far.)

And finally, I hope to have this attitude as I get older. (I turn 30 in a few months, and yes, I'm expecting my 30's to be better than my 20's, to really get comfy in my own skin, to say goodbye to all those constricting things that just don't fit. Yay for getting older and hopefully wiser.)

Happy weekending to you! I have big plans to mostly stay out of the wind, snuggle with my loves, make Valentines, put something involving ginger and curry in the crockpot, go out tonight (we have a babysitter!), make some plans for Lent, and get in some quality reading time. Wishing you a deep peace and joy as you do what you do. And, if any of these posts meant something (positive, negative, whatever) to you, I'd love to hear about it.

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