Wednesday, February 13, 2013

plans for Lent

Observing Lent is something I've wanted to do for several years. Here's what seems right and needful this year:

  • letting go of Facebook and Twitter. It's fairly obvious I guess--I need more time in my day and I spend a lot of time mindlessly checking them. I love keeping up with friends and laughing at witty banter, but there's a darker side too. There's a temptation to see the worst in people, and I would really like to resist that. Not sure about long term solutions, but this is a start.  
  • Reading just one blog post per day, and taking some time to reflect on it. I read a lot of blogs, and some of them are really quite profound, encouraging, and inspiring. For this season, I want to focus more on letting their messages really sink in, and maybe taking a little time to engage in conversation there, instead of just reading one after another. 
  • Reading through the whole Bible. I'm following this plan. (Life may happen, I may not finish. But I will try.) Here's why: the Bible is an old friend, but because of various readings with various lenses, I've been pretty allergic to it in recent years. I've all but thrown it across the room at times. These days, I'm learning to look at everything through the wide and generous lens of Jesus, and oh, how that helps. If something doesn't line up with the character of God as revealed to us in Jesus then I get to question it. I've been tiptoeing into this freedom for years. This Lent, I want to dive into it; to read the entire Bible through the lens of Jesus, for the first time in my life. It's kind of a celebration of this new-found freedom, and rightly so, because it's been a big deal for me. (Maybe I'll have new or different thoughts about this when I'm done; we shall see.)

I was hoping to attend an Ash Wednesday service, but we'll be watching Little Miss' big sister and another sweet girl for the evening, so that will have to happen another year.

Here we go!

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