Friday, January 4, 2013

and now, 2013

The holidays lingered through today. My younger brothers packed up really early this morning so one of them could make his 6 am flight back to Korea, and so I said good-bye in my pajamas, groggily. I am, of course, left with a familiar post-Christmas sadness mixed with New Year energy, but so grateful for what time I had with my family this year. Snow really is the perfect weather for that particular mood, and it's just what we got today. We noticed it was snowing after breakfast, and the boys bundled up and went out to catch snowflakes. They were quickly chilled and so we put them in a bath and talked over coffee while they played. The rest of the day was cozy. We played with them and gave Little Miss a haircut (goodbye scraggly baby mullet), made a nice dinner, and finally finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy (that series will always be associated with Christmas for me) and I finished crocheting a blanket that I started sometime in 2011. That feels good. Tomorrow promises more snow, and maybe I'll take the tree down. Anyway, I've finished mulling over my resolutions for this year, so here they are.

In 2013, I want to:
  • have a monthly date night with Ricky.  Find a regular babysitter again, enlist grandparents, etc.
  • have one day a week that is social-media free. I'm thinking Sunday; a true Sabbath.
  • invite people over for dinner more
  • finish paying off my student loans (carryover from 2012)
  • ski! (another carryover, and should happen very soon)
  • keep reading at least a book every month (having a day off from social media should really help)
  • find ways to write more
  • finish Silas' baby book, and start Little Miss'
  • move toward a more specific nursing practice--by the end of the year I'd like to be working in just one unit.
  • keep up the practice of letting go--letting go of my to-do list so I can play with my kids, letting go of my preference for a clean house so I can write/read/spend quality time people/pray/go for a walk/etc. I'm good at making lists and living by them. I'd like to be better at spontaneous enjoyment.

....and on that note, I choose enjoy as my one word for 2013. I want to enjoy my life: my family, my work outside and inside the home, my place of worship, my relationships. I want to be brave enough to let go of burdensome things; to let go of any impulse to impress or prove a point. I simply want to do things because I enjoy them, thereby being who I was meant to be.

Here's to 2013!

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