Sunday, December 2, 2012

they just do

We survived round one of sickness here, but now we're firmly ensconced in round two. It's Little Miss this time, with a slight fever, congestion, a cough and sad, watery eyes. Ricky's not feeling great either, and has a really busy work week ahead. I'm trying to figure out how to do the whole work thing tomorrow. (It's times like these that the idea of quitting my job for a season sounds mighty appealing. I would miss it, but I would not miss figuring out childcare/calculating how many days I can call in. I can't remember the last time I called in for any reason other than the kids being sick. And I only do one shift a week! Sheesh.)

So, there's that. We also put up our Christmas tree and some decorations yesterday, and started our new tradition of opening up one book a day until Christmas, and reading it together. I haven't cleaned up the decorating aftermath mess yet, and Silas has broken one ornament so far today, and eaten the heads off two or three candy canes. Christmas is prettier at night, eh?

Last night I loved taking Little Miss to see the tree, her very first Christmas tree, and seeing her eyes widen a bit as she reached out her hands, and Silas exclaiming "oooooh, beautiful" when he saw it, and just watching Nicky put ornaments on the tree, no matter how close together he clumped them, and Ricky teaching him how to properly fluff a tree (that man is particular about fluffing Christmas trees, let me tell you.) I just sat back and enjoyed the scene. I'm learning.

Christmas (the parent version anyway) is stress, with pockets of grace and beauty that surprise and delight. It's sweeping up little green pine needles and broken bits of a shiny red ornament, and letting them plug in the lights again, just because they're beautiful and it makes them so dang happy. It's re-discovering old memories, and it's making up for old memories. It's a big to-do list and plenty of grumbling under my breath, and sitting in wonder, taking lessons these little ones who don't have to try yet, they just do. 

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