Friday, December 7, 2012

7 months old

Little Miss turned seventh months old on Wednesday.

She's had a rough week, this one. She got the virus that descended on our house, and despite our efforts to make her comfortable, looked pretty miserable. She's probably the easiest sick baby in history though, because she basically just slept when she wasn't eating. Thankfully, we're on the upward swing. I'd rather be sick myself any day than have a sick baby. There's no way to explain to them why everything is suddenly terrible.

In other news, she's rolling onto her tummy like a champ, and is thisclose to sitting up on her own. Wrapping the boppy pillow around her works really well. And, she sat in a restaurant highchair for the first time the other night, with my jacket filling in all the extra space.

She also had her first infant massage session yesterday, which she just barely tolerated, but we have another appointment next week that will hopefully go better when she's feeling normal again. The masseuse was very understanding, and Little Miss did seem to have a better day after that, so I think it helped.

It seems like things have slowed down a bit developmentally, but I keep remembering something my uncle said a few weeks ago--"it just means she gets to be a baby a little longer."

That is a thought that makes me smile. Happy 7 months baby!

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