Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silas turns 2

Today Silas is two years old. He still has some baby in him, thankfully. I'm not ready for him to grow up yet! The Toddler is here though: all that cute baby-ness trying to find its way to Big Boy-ness. This morning he was lying next to me, snoozing away, then woke up suddenly, sat up in bed and said "Mommy. Papa. Bettis. Kay?" And climbed off the bed, saying "Laler!" as he shut the door behind him. Translation: Good morning, Mommy. I'm going to find Papa, because that's where the breakfast is. Okay? See you later! He makes me smile.

We celebrated on Saturday morning with friends and family (or "buddies" as he calls them). It was cloudy and cold, and we were cozy inside with brunch and various dog-themed activities.

his buddy from birth

The menu: egg casserole (the kind with bread baked in, soooo good), cheddar biscuits, apples and caramel sauce, coffee, cider and tea, and spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

Little Miss sported some doggie ears, but Nicky avoided wearing his. He's outgrowing such things I guess.

Silas ditched his costume early on and spent the rest of the party in his shirt and diaper....there are only so many birthdays you can do that and still be considered cute. He also showed off his wolf-howling skills, and blew out his candles like a champ.

Doggie cake, and The Knife. Oy.

Nicky made a birthday banner the night before, on his own initiative, with help from Grandma.

This was our first morning birthday party, and I liked it. Lots of work the day before, but the day of was all about enjoying company and then relaxing afterward. We watched Brave, and ate leftover Chinese food, and got lots of snuggles in. It was a perfect day to celebrate our little guy.

At age two, Silas is:
  • affectionate
  • charming (it works a little too well on me, and he knows it I think)
  • stubborn and cranky, quite dependent on naps
  • curious
  • a lover of books, especially ones about animals
  • good at making animal sounds
  • navigating ipads and smart phones a little too well (his favorite app is Peekaboo Barn, and he can call Ricky from my phone with no assistance from me)
  • talking a lot, repeating pretty much everything we say
  • imitating Nicky, playing more like a big boy
  • still quite an early riser
  • getting pretty good at throwing and catching a ball (bouncy balls have not lost their magic)
  • saying some fun words, like "mine", "now!", "candy" and of course the favorite "no".
  • balancing all that out with some serious cuteness
What a delight he has been, and continues to be. Our Silas Nathaniel.

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