Friday, November 9, 2012

right now Little Miss is...

....six months old! This is my favorite part of infancy--you know, the part where they can sit up, play, laugh and interact but not crawl just yet! We're still working on the sitting, but she's getting close.

Our family has settled into a routine again. It feels good, and peaceful. We know what to do now, after many months of not. I'm so glad.

She's making such amazing progress, this little one. She is:
  • playing on her tummy, showing tons of curiosity, reaching for whatever's in sight
  • playing dentist--examining our teeth while she drinks her milk
  • trying new foods--oatmeal, banana, sweet potato, squash, prunes (to help it all on its way), pears, apples, carrots, egg yolk, avocado and olive oil in her bottles. The last three are recommendations from a nutritionist that came to see us. She's still on a prescription formula that smells terrible, but she seems to like it okay. Some very kind friends have donated breast milk too, so she gets that occasionally. (On that note, I have tried to get my milk supply back, since Silas had only been weaned for about 3 months when we got her. Sadly, no dice. I just couldn't find the time to pump as much as I needed to--about 8 times a day. And I just don't have the energy to fool with an SNS. I'm sad about it, but telling myself to let it be. A mama can only do what she can do.) 
  • weighing in a 11 pounds, 2 ounces. Finally made it past 10 pounds! Still gaining in ounces each month.
  • wearing size 3 month clothes. She's so long and skinny, it's hard to find things that fit! The jeggings/skinny jeans trend is working for us.
  • laughing and smiling a lot. She smiles the biggest for Papa. He can calm her down when I just can't. I think we may have a daddy's girl :) Makes my heart happy.
  • loving to sit in the swing with her little owl blanket. Sometimes she falls asleep, but usually she just holds on to it and looks around. 
  • still calmed by being swaddled. There are still times when it seems she just gets overwhelmed/overstimulated/something else, and all I can do is swaddle her snugly and put her in her crib. Every time, she stops crying and just looks around for a while. It's a lifesaver, for both of us.
  • prop-sitting and almost rolling onto her tummy. Her biggest therapy focus right now is encouraging her to roll intentionally. I'm told that comes before full-blown sitting. 
  • chomping on her fingers a lot of the time. Not interested in a paci, except with medicine. Pulling our fingers into her mouth. Figuring out how to get her toys in her mouth.
  • sporting a pretty sweet faux-hawk when she wakes up in the morning.
So there it is--our sweet girl at six months. 

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