Monday, October 29, 2012

in search of autumn color

It was a crisp, chilly fall day yesterday--perfect for a drive.

The babies napped on the way over.

We found what we were looking for, along with several deer skeletons. Nicky, of course, had to question whether they might be dinosaurs. He did some observing and poking and decided yeah, probably not.

We walked and picked up leaves for projects, and pressed them in my big fat nursing school books.

our gem-boy

Got some great shots of all three littles together. (I'm tired of hiding her face on here...) Hoodies with ears never fail to make me happy.

We thought maybe we could squeeze in a quick pie stop before any meltdowns began....and we had just enough time. We're getting to know what we can and can't do with this bunch.

 Nicky got a mustache, just in time for Movember I guess :)

I love Sundays.

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