Monday, October 15, 2012

fall, again

We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch yesterday, and came home with three pumpkins: big, medium, and small. One for each of the littles.

This time last year we were filling out paperwork to be foster parents, and now we're looking at the possibility of adoption. Nothing even close to official yet, but that's the direction we've been told things are moving. We're going to pursue it as the opportunity arises. It feels like we're taking these slow, shaky steps but really, when I look at the big picture, things are just flying along. It's amazing.

Little Miss was a trooper. She stayed awake the whole time, rode in the carrier facing out for a while, then just hung out in her stroller. She smiles big when she sees Ricky.

Silas wasn't quite walking last year, so he thoroughly enjoyed himself this time. He ran, climbed, hoisted, ate and at times even stayed still for pictures. 

Nicky knew what he wanted this time around: a big pumpkin, lots of turns down the slides, and to find the diggers right away. He confided that last year he was a little scared of all the fifth graders playing on them.

Ricky and I found a contained play area and sat for a bit, eating fresh corn in a cup with lots of butter, chili powder and garlic salt, and a green chile tamale. Oh my.

At the end, the boys shared a wand of cotton candy, and it was suddenly very quiet. They just sat there, and every once in a while Silas would say "Dattoo, Gicky" after he was handed some more. 

Such a good Sunday afternoon.

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