Sunday, September 9, 2012

a shifter's prayer

God, i used to think you were packageable.
i used to be able to say to others, to myself "this is exactly what God is like."
when i read the Bible i used to feel comfortable and right, affirmed in my belief
now i sometimes feel bothered by what I read, and oh so tired, and still thirsty
oh, how i miss being sure about you-
but God, i’m trying to lean into the present, to experiencing you in new ways.
i see you in the faces of children
i feel you in a sudden cool breeze when the sun is blaring down
i hear you in laughter and honest conversation, in the vulnerable
i smell you in an unexpected rainstorm, in the fresh morning air
i touch you when i touch the difficult, the messy, the un-explainable
thank you for these gifts. 
despite all the things i don’t know, i can still cling to this….you are full of compassion and mystery, and oh so 
and for that i, too, am thankful.  
God, please keep sustaining me in these shifts.
i do want more of you in my life.  

{This is another exercise from Kathy Escobar. She's my internet pastor, I've decided.}

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