Thursday, August 23, 2012

today's things are for today

faith-full or faithless
numb or still
kind or angry-to-my-core
and I am always tunneling, toward or away

grace the biggest one of all:

every day i need
you to step in and save
from myself

today's things are for today,
they will expire

but I still try to stack them up in a closet, so
tomorrow I can just be needless


I am here, and so, still is my anger
my not-enough feelings
my humanity
and the grace-filled moments look
different that I thought they would

Still learning.....
still, learning.
We don't do this alone.

You incline, and hear my cry
every day I call out, in some way

every day you answer, in some way

I just stand and watch my babies, amazed by
all that hope running around
little rib-cages, arms reaching up

the weight slowly settles on our shoulders;
you reach down and lift it off

every day, glory.

*Psalm 40 inspired

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