Saturday, August 25, 2012

right now Silas is.....

  • "reading"--mostly about animals and their sounds
  • 21 months old
  • sporting some long curls that I love
  • talking up a storm
  • very attached to his Mama 
  • obsessed with the Beethoven movies ("doggie? dogg-eeeeee?")
  • coloring on the walls, and on paper occasionally
  • trying to get away with riding in Nicky's booster seat instead of his own carseat. He climbs in, sits in the booster and tries to buckle himself in, all the while saying "yes, okay....ummmm" and avoiding eye contact
  • having a much easier time with bedtime and taking naps. He's used to his big boy bed now, and seems to really enjoy being in the same room as Nicky

  • telling Penny to sit, then giving her his snacks
  • bashful around people he doesn't know well, even other kids. He'll just freeze and look down. And yet, he says Hi! to every person we see at the store if he's safe in the basket.
  • quite the collection of emotions; very much a toddler
  • so excited to see big brother when he gets home from school
  • very sweet with Little Miss
  • waking up really early. One morning this week, I set my alarm for five (five!) so I could have some quiet morning time and he was awake before it went off.
  • starting to enjoy helping and picking up. The other day he handed me clean dishes from the dishwasher, one at a time, saying "here" loudly with each one. It took forever of course, but it was so cute. 
This little guy has been such a blessing from the start. He just melts my heart. I can't believe he's almost two.

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