Monday, August 20, 2012


This week I am going to do things that are good for my soul. Things like:

  • checking facebook a whole lot less
  • setting the alarm and finally trying out that cycling class that scares me
  • going outside in the evenings, taking an honest-to-goodness walk
  • reading a book that's not criticizing or recommending anything, just a good book
  • speaking kind words to myself more
  • speaking kind words to my family more
  • taking some time to make eye contact
  • prayer and meditation (the practice of lectio divina has intrigued me for some time now)
  • taking time to be creative
  • breathing more, sighing less
  • writing down ideas before they float away
  • planting something for fall
  • cleaning out closets and drawers, just for the feeling of it afterwards
  • loving my littles exactly as they are, right now. Holding them close.

....and maybe at the end of it I'll find some things that have gone missing. 

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