Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a lot of new for Nicky

Today was Nicky's first day of first grade.

To commemorate this event, we had our (now annual) back to school dinner last night.

This year's theme: Build Each Other Up. A goal for the whole family. And yes, this setup was demolished promptly once Silas was released from the boys' room where Ricky was keeping them hostage while I threw it all together.

This boy is in a building phase for sure. He made three robots and a carwash with a fancy tower. There's some deep spiritual significance there I'm sure.

Seriously though, we'll be working on being more intentionally encouraging of each other this year. I'm intentional about plenty of things because I want my life to look a certain way; because I want my kids to have certain experiences and I want my marriage to be good. But--things can change so quickly right now. What I want them to remember is not that things were perfect or that we always did this or that--but that there was love and kindness intertwined in all of it. And Nicky is a natural encourager, so I really want to run with that. Really, most days I just want to be more like him. 

I thought it would be fun to build our own pizzas and fruit salad in keeping with the theme. And it was, but we were super hungry by the time it was ready. That's why Ricky has his rally face on, and Silas is just going for it.

I had a little game planned but the interactive dinner turned out to be all we could manage before the babies started melting down (Little Miss played on her mat just long enough for us to eat, which was kind of amazing for her). So, we skipped it and went straight to baths.

Nicky's starting a new school this year, out where Ricky works. It feels like we're leaving a safe, warm cocoon--that's what kindergarten was. He had the kindest, most patient teacher imaginable. So, Ricky and I were a bit nervous this morning as we got everyone ready and headed out. I managed to get a few pics before we left:


Our friend describes it as "a little school right out of the 1950's". Definitely has that vibe to it. We've heard nothing but good things so far, and I really like that he's going to school with such a diverse group of kids.
I think he'll learn a good deal there.

We found everyone outside. I think we were much more nervous that he was--he ran off to play and then lined up like a pro, smiling and carefree as ever. 

He was happy and jumpy and full of things to say when we picked him up. I breathed a sigh of relief and listened to his stories. It was a good first day.

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