Wednesday, May 16, 2012

right now Nicky is....

  • using the word "recognize" a lot in conversation. As in, "Papa, did you recognize that I'm wearing a flip-flop on my head?" and the like. To which we always reply, "you better recognize."
  • going into Silas' room in the morning; talking and singing to him. So yesterday he did this, as usual, but managed to get his leg stuck in the crib. When I went to rescue him, he said "I think this is a job for the fire department."

  • reading really well! I need a plan to keep him reading this summer.
  • about two seconds away from finishing kindergarten....
  • asking lots of questions about God
  • hoping to learn some more Taekwondo this summer

  • occasionally using phrases like "I will never", as in "I will never drink chocolate milk again" or "i will never, ever try that avocado", etc. At which point we invite him to rephrase or go to time out...  
  • into Power Rangers, Angry Birds (still), cuddling with Penny, drawing, spontaneously bursting into song, digging big holes in the dirt, and watching Wonder Pets with Silas (we pretend like it's just for Silas and Nicky's just doing him a favor), water guns, building Transformers 
  • trying to figure out the art of telling a joke; cracking himself up 
  • taking piano lessons once a week
  • as wonderful and joyful as ever

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