Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nicky the graduate

He chose spaghetti for his celebration dinner. Just him, Mommy and Papa.  He's been a champ about sharing our attention lately. I love how delighted he is over the little things--like getting to eat spaghetti and mac & cheese, and when the server brought him a pink lemonade.

His self portrait at school--I like how the pants are high-waters, because he was almost constantly growing out of his pants this year.

With buddies at his kindergarten graduation. These boys are hilarious. Future plans from left to right: ninja policeman, astronaut, and spy. Nicky said "I've never explored the moon and I'd like to know what it's like."

Hard to imagine they were timid on their first day!

The class of 2024.

I just can't get over what a special boy he is. Intelligent, meticulous, thoughtful, sweet, affectionate, oh-so-silly, sound-effect making, Gogurt-loving, endless question asking, creative, monkey-like in his climbing ability, absolutely wonderful Nicolas!

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