Wednesday, April 11, 2012

play kitchen

This past week Ricky and I did this little project together. Honestly he did about 75% of the work, as I'm fairly terrified of all things involving saws. It was fun and frustrating, as projects tend to be. Inspired by Pinterest of course.

We used an old kitchen cart/tv stand that's been sitting in our garage for about a year, and attached a flat board to the back after painting both pieces. 

Ricky cut a circle for the sink, and attached another piece of flat board on hinges for the oven door, and added a door pull onto it. We used a craft cardboard "J" and wooden craft balls and wheels for the sink and oven knobs, and painted on the burners with chalkboard paint. Everything is screwed into place except for the cardboard J which will definitely need to be replaced. We used Gorilla glue for that, but Silas has already pulled it off twice. I'm on the lookout for a wooden J that doesn't contain curlicues and that's not too small. The bowl for the sink and the little shelf were thrift store finds. I have an empty picture frame for a window as well that needs to be put on. I made a simple curtain and hung it on a tension rod.

The boys were around while we were making it, so it wasn't a total surprise, but we did stay up late Saturday night to finish it and stocked it with some play food and dishes that they didn't know about. They were excited to see it all finished and ready to play with. Silas just likes that he gets to take stuff out and carry it around, and Nicky's had fun playing restaurant with it. I'm so glad they like it, and I'm also excited to have something that both girls and boys can enjoy, since we may have a little girl staying with us soon.

It feels really good to have this done. It sure looked a lot easier to make than it was! Thanks, Ricky, for innocently agreeing to "help" me with this project.

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