Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a really nice Easter Sunday this year. Ricky was asked to play music with some friends for the city-wide sunrise service, so we all went. The boys stayed snuggled up and quiet for exactly one song, then we made a not-so-graceful exit to the back of the park so they could move around. Our kids are used to running, playing, and being fed copious amounts of sugar while at church, so. (Reminds me of the time we visited our friends' church, technically a cathedral, and Nicky said loudly "let's get out of here, Papa.") 

I enjoyed it and hope it's a tradition we keep up, even if I'm that parent :)

Next, we indulged in some Santa Fe Grill burritos and did Resurrection Eggs with Nicky. They're such a great teaching tool.

Since we got up so early, we had a nice slow morning and then went to church. Here's what I love about worshiping on Easter Sunday: it's a little easier than usual to lay everything aside and just sing and be joyful. At least for me, and especially this Easter. Because I have struggled so much with my faith for years now, times of ease and lightness are such a gift. I just love Jesus; that's all I really know. A day that celebrates Jesus and the arrival of Spring--now that is a good day.

After church we prepped lunch and put an enormous ham in the oven while Silas took a long nap. We dyed eggs outside and finished planting our garden. We're growing Roma tomatoes, basil, ancho chile, jalapeno, lettuce, spinach, green onions, mint and cantaloupe so far, and maybe corn and some green beans when I get a trellis set up.

Once Silas woke up, we ate lunch and then set the boys loose to hunt for eggs.


Then we parents collapsed on couches and the kids continued running around. In other words, a typical Sunday evening :)

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