Monday, April 2, 2012

29 gifts

  • waking up to the sound of baby feet headed my way, and little boy whispers and Papa directing.
  • my sweet husband who seriously spoiled me today--with lovely presents, birthday pancakes and coffee, and a whole day together....and he spent a good chunk of time outside in the cold wind cutting boards for the play kitchen  I'm making we're making for the kiddos. 
  • the way he makes me feel so, so loved.
  • the way he plays with our kids.
  • my new iPad (wow!) that's on it's way (seriously spoiled here).
  • the fun of opening up facebook and seeing lots of sweet, funny and encouraging messages (remember birthdays before facebook?)
  • this song I heard this morning. I am so grateful for God's perfect peace. I feel it in my marrow lately.
  • my church community
  • this post and specifically Isaiah 50:4-10. To know the word that sustains the weary. So, so beautiful. 
  • color when I look out the window
  • Nicky, who thanked God for doors (so when we go places we can go in) and napkins, and for the food, and for "everything" when he prayed for dinner tonight. Actually, his prayers in general are a gift--he always thanks God for whatever little thing is on his mind. I told him he already knows some pretty important stuff about life.
  • Another Nicky thing--on Sunday he helped one of our friends clean up her classroom after church, without being asked (and actually I didn't know where he was), after an illustrated sermon that was largely about being a servant like Jesus. Coincidence, or maybe he "got it"....either way I'm a proud mama.
  • laughter
  • gardens, potential
  • one more year of being twenty-something, because I'm a bit more aware of my mortality these days.
  • soul-stirrings and dreams
  • Nicky putting a pillow under my feet before he went to bed so I'll be "comf-ter-ble"
  • baby curls and soft after-bath skin
  • Silas, blowing kisses and waving goodbye, head-butting and laughing, burying his face in the dog and marching around like he owns the place, asking for mas and laying his head on my shoulder. I'm a mama of a toddler again, and I kind of love it (mostly. you know.)
  • Ricky helping me paint the back door blue. I love how it turned out.
  • Springtime and energy, even if it does include the darn wind. 
  • text messages from my mom
  • a group of people to meet with each week and talk about the deeper things--it's been awhile since we made time for a small group and it's so nice to be part of one again. 
  • finally deciding on the script/design for my tattoo--hopefully getting it soon!
  • courage to tell the truth, and also to listen
  • heavy burdens being lifted
  • the big piece of tiramisu I'm about to share with Ricky
  • stillness.
  • knowing that no matter what day it is, my favorite thing is just to be with my little family

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