Friday, March 16, 2012

where we meet

Ah, the ache of this wounded world, yes? Like the Israelites, God sometimes feeds us manna, that which literally makes no sense to us, the "what is it?" food, and He asks us to eat the mystery of circumstances we don't understand. How to find gratefulness when we weep? Does it comfort at all to know that in the midst of our pain, God is keeping a list?  A list that turns us and the cosmos inside out and changes everything, changes me and my perspective and the way I brain-film my life: 
“You have recorded my troubles.
You have kept a list of my tears.
Aren't they in your records?” Ps. 56:8, NCV
 God does not slumber for He cannot cease to bear testimony to our hurt. God keeps a list. It's the wildest Love that drives the Father to record His child's every lament. We never ache without God attending, and He can't stand to see a tear fall to the floor. God cups our grief and puts our tears in His bottle.'s Love that makes God a list-keeper of our brokenness, and it's love that can make us list-keepers of our blessings. In this we might meet together in communion.
-Ann Voskamp, in this interview

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