Sunday, March 4, 2012

week in phone pics

This morning we woke up early to three chirping smoke alarms and of course, no spare nine-volts. The interval between each chirp was just long enough to sort of drift off to sleep again, then the next one would come along, cruelly. So we got up and Ricky made tea, and the boys snuggled for awhile before Nicolas said "I'm ready to switch from boring time to having fun time", and went to play. He is all about tops right now and begs me to let him stay for daycare after school so he can "battle" with his friends.

This week:

  • we enjoyed warmer temps and more blooming trees, and endured the dreaded spring wind
  • we got our hands in the dirt to plant just a few flowers (couldn't help myself)
  • Nicky started piano lessons
  • Silas discovered Nicky's old little tikes piano
  • Nicky showed us how much progress he's making with reading. We're working on it every evening for a reading challenge his class is doing. I'm amazed at the pace these kiddos are going!
  • Ricky and I had a breakfast date, along with Mr. Silas. I can't remember the last time I just sat at a coffee shop. We need to do that more often.
  • I decided that for my 29th birthday, which is coming up soon, I want to get a tattoo. I definitely want some script on the side of my foot, but picking the perfect words is proving to be a challenge. I think I've narrowed it down to two phrases that are quite meaningful to me. And I really do want to put a bird on it but may have to restrain myself, sadly.
Today we're going to church and helping some friends move, and hopefully going to the indoor aquatic center this evening. I can sense the shift that happens this time of year--I just want to be out and about. I guess I'm done hibernating (for now anyway)...

Happy Sunday!

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