Thursday, March 15, 2012

busy, noisy, dirt, etc.

The internet provides so many little chuckles. The other day I saw a cute sign or something on Pinterest that said boy: n. a noise with dirt on it. Oh, so true. They pretty much always smell like dirt unless they are fresh out of the bath. I tried to catch a few pics of Silas and me a few days ago but had very few opportune moments, except when he was of course trying to eat my face or pausing for a quick drink. That kid is rarely still (thus the blurriness).

Yesterday we tried again; he paused long enough to show me where my mouth is. 

Nicky's a little easier to capture on camera, as long as silly faces are involved. Here we are hanging out before his piano lesson (he learned the C major scale). He smelled like little kid + dirt + recess.

 Ah, boys.

Camera embraced.

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