Sunday, January 29, 2012

week in phone pics

Nicky is really getting the hang of reading and Silas is really getting the hang of walking. (Suddenly "getting the hang of" sounds like a really weird phrase. Where did that come from anyway?)

I am so ready for Spring, minus the wind. It's been so nice to be outside more, especially yesterday. We chalked, Nicky kicked a soccer ball into the neighbor's yard, Silas was absorbed in playing for over an hour, then Ricky came home from music practice and we had BBLT's (well, BBST's I guess-black bean, spinach and tomato) outside. Then our chalk and dirt-encrusted boys took a bath and we cozied up the rest of the day. Made brownies and hung some new curtains in the dining room, and I got in some serious reading time while the boys played. Good Saturday.

This coming week holds three training sessions for foster parenting plus our final homestudy, Nicky's 100th day of Kindergarten, and a big project due for Ricky. So a day of rest and planning is in order, then off we go.

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