Thursday, January 5, 2012

right now Silas is...

taking a nap :) And so I'm cleaning out the camera, looking at these cute shots from yesterday, while Nicky does some school worksheets. It seems a Silas post is in order; it's been awhile! So in a more general sense, Silas is....

  • still working on those molars. Ouch.
  • belly-laughing at big brother
  • pointing at everything/everyone and saying Ba-ba?
  • walking with help, but not on his own yet. That boy just loves to crawl. He does love to go for a little walk around the house every morning after getting his shoes on, and pushing things around.
  • speaking of shoes, he loves to hold them up to his feet
  • emptying out drawers, and putting things back in drawers. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • doing cute little dances when music plays

  • using Penny as a pillow (Nicky does too-look at her long-suffering face)
  • giving kisses and head-butts (topes)
  • mimicking hand motions to songs
  • waving
  • clapping and cheering for himself
  • climbing
  • doing this:
  • wanting to be outside pretty much all the time

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