Saturday, January 7, 2012

the monkeyboy

Friday afternoon began with a trip to the grocery store and then this:

and lots of fun playing until Nicky had his first big fall, from a slide. He was crying so hard, and trying to explain how he meant to jump from one part of the slide to another. A little girl brought him a cookie. We had a bag of frozen peas in the cooler, from our trip to the store earlier, so I wrapped it in a spare onesie and off to urgent care we went.

He said, "I'm just having a problem with this broken bone," so mournful. 

Silas busied himself with the drawers and such, and emptied out my purse about four times. But the wait was not long, and soon the investigation began.

He was a little excited about taking a picture of his bones, but mostly just bummed. Sure enough, two fractures.

A half cast, sling, medicine, and getting to tell Papa all about it made things better. 


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