Tuesday, January 17, 2012

just write: two

Something that becomes more precious as our family grows: time for just two people. Yesterday it was Nicky and I going to the movies, with scratchy 3D glasses and Red Vines and me holding his good hand while we skipped through the parking lot. Me and my impossibly long-legged boy whose mind never seems to stop, whose questions and musings I struggle to keep up with, and whose innocence and acceptance of all I feel desperate to preserve. We go to see Beauty and the Beast, and he's so upset when Gaston dies ("he was a good guy, Mommy, and the beast was a bad man, then a bad beast, then a good beast, then a good man")-he sees that progression is possible. My five year old, deconstructing a fairy tale. And there's another bread crumb-I have to remember, now that I'm thinking of it, to tell him I think that's what Jesus would say too, that Jesus is planting seeds of compassion in his heart.

This morning it's just me and Silas, disheveling the house and putting it back together, most often simultaneously. Snuggling and locking eyes and laughing at each other, having our own kind of conversation. Just us two.

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