Sunday, January 1, 2012

hopes for 2012

Today turned out to be an on-call day, so we had a lounge-y morning and went to church, ate some yummy green enchilada pizza, did some major organizing in the office (pretty much all Ricky, but I did give my opinions as I sat there drinking coffee), and played Trouble with the boy. The battle of the molars rages on, but Silas is at last sleeping peacefully. Now it's one more night with the Christmas tree and twinkle lights- just popping in to make my 2012 list official, then Ricky, the couch, Netflix and a big yellow blanket are calling my name. Good day.

My Hopes for 2012
  • Become a foster parent, and who knows? maybe adopt. But probably not so soon. But maybe.
  • Learn to use more of the features on my camera, also, invest in a good lense.
  • Get brave and try skiing again. I had a bad fall and injury a few years back, and I've been too nervous to try again. But I really, really want the kids to learn, so we're going to go. 
  • Start reading chapter books with Nicky (oh, I am so excited for this!)
  • Pay off student loans. 
  • Keep up a good work/life balance
  • Read a book a month (open to suggestions)
  • make a quilt out of the boys' worn out clothes, and other fabric scraps I have lying around
  • be more intentional about spending time with friends
  • learn to make artisan bread
  • cultivate the habit of un-distracted listening
  • and finally, my word for 2012: generous
Good night and a very happy 2012 to you!

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